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It is hard for me to believe I opened the All Animal Eye Clinic 33 years ago, in 1977.  During those years, I met and worked with some amazing people and some unforgettable pets and their owners.  And now it is time to make some changes to allow me to move on to the next phase of my life.


In November of 2008, my practice was purchased by MedVet Medical Center for Pets of Columbus, Ohio.  They renamed my practice MedVet Eye Center for Pets, and retained my entire staff.  Dr. Vanessa Kuonen, an Ohio State trained veterinary ophthalmologist joined the practice as well.  All questions about clients and patients should be directed to their office at 513.561.0069.


So now what do I do with the rest of my life?  Marsha and I have a home on a lake in Michigan and we hope that environment will be conductive to a slower-paced life.  I plan to continue to lecture as long as they will have me, and there is another book or two or three in the works.  I also plan on doing CERF clinics again and may explore the world of telemedicine.  And who knows, I may start a referral practice in Michigan eventually!  Rest assured, residing and practicing in Michigan in no way impedes my allegiance to The Ohio State University!


As my career post-Cincinnati evolves, I plan on updating this site.  And friends are welcome to keep in touch - my email address is kketring@allanimaleyeclinic.com.


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